🎅 Amanubi Christmas Gifts 🎅

In order to make it easier for you to find the right Christmas gift, I have put together some packages for you this year.

The Christmas packages are available in different sizes and the care products that are included in them, were all selected so that they are suitable for every skin type.

You can also contact me directly by e-mail (hello_at_amanubi.com) if you have special requests or would like a recommendation.


X-Mas Box Make-Up DAY
Christmas-Set for a natural make-up-look.
X-Mas Box Essential MAN
Christmas package with essential products for daily skin care, specially designed for men’s skin. Contains products suitable for all skin types.
X-Mas Box Extended Version
Christmas package with a large range of very particular products.
X-Mas Box Essentail WOMAN
Christmas box with the most recommended products for daily skin care, suitable for all skin types.
X-Mas Box Make-Up NIGHT
Christmas-Package for a glamorous evening make-up-look.

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