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For Melanie, it was her own story that provided the inspiration for Amanubi – and it continues to inspire her today. Searching for skincare that was good for the complex needs of her sensitive skin, the young businesswoman from Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy tried countless products from an extensive range of brands – with limited success. Her moment of revelation – and the idea that led to Amanubi – came when she happened to glance at a product’s list of ingredients and was instantly shocked. The ingredients list contained a hotchpotch of chemical names and formulas, and Melanie knew right away: That can’t be good for my skin. So, she started her search for cosmetics made using pure natural ingredients, with one thing always at the forefront of her mind: sustainable, natural beauty.

"For me, skin care doesn’t mean hiding anything; it means harnessing the power of nature to make your skin shine with natural beauty."

Melanie, founder of Amanubi

Where I find beauty? Everywhere.


Natural beauty


No animal testing


Highly effective ingredients