Amanubi founder Melanie

The years she spent searching for the right products to meet the complex needs of her skin gave the young founder from Bolzano, South Tyrol the idea of opening her own online shop for natural cosmetics. In this chat, she tells us about her journey towards making more conscious purchases and how she learnt to listen to what her skin needs.

A chat with Melanie

Where did you get the idea for Amanubi?

For years, I’d been fighting with my skin problems and had tried one promising product after the other, which resulted in my skin objecting more and more to my attempts. Not only was I in pain, I also just didn’t feel beautiful anymore.

One day I just happened to glance at the back of the packaging of a make-up primer and read the list of ingredients. I was shocked and thought: That’s what I’m putting on my skin every day? One layer of chemicals after another? I knew that couldn’t be the solution.

What was the next step?

Research, research, and even more research (laughs). I started to gain such detailed knowledge on the subject that I thought: I could actually share what I’ve learnt with others. Because I saw that I wasn’t the only one with these problems. And I also discovered so many wonderful, highly effective products that I was sure other people would also love. So, that’s how the idea of founding my own online shop for pure natural cosmetics came about.


Amanubi product selection

What factors play a role when you’re selecting products?

I have to fall in love with a product. I extensively test every cream, every mascara, every serum and have in-depth discussions with the manufacturers. Many natural cosmetics producers offer training sessions, and I’m always happy to pass on the knowledge I gain there to my customers.

Do you have any products that you’re particularly fond of?

I’d spent a long time looking for a sun cream produced using natural essences and ingredients that wasn’t harmful for the sea and its amazing flora and fauna. I was really happy that I found this cream and can now offer it to my customers. It’s definitely one of my favourites. I also love the aromatherapeutic effect that some products have, which makes the time I spend on my daily skincare something I always look forward to. It turns skincare time into feel-good time, and that’s fantastic!

Melanie, Founder of Amanubi