Consciously natural.

Knowledge of natural ingredients is being rediscovered by modern businesses and given a new twist to create high-quality products. The skin, a person’s largest organ, is exposed to countless stressing environmental factors on a daily basis. Skincare that harnesses the power of nature can support the skin in confronting these. That’s why you’ll only find products made using natural ingredients at Amanubi. Carefully selected, tested, and then approved as Amanubi-good.

Chosen by Melanie

All products offered by Amanubi undergo a careful selection process and have to pass Melanie’s personal quality test. Only products that are predominantly made using pure natural ingredients and highly effective plant-based substances, as well as being pleasant to use and not tested on animals, are introduced into the Amanubi range.

The power of fragrance

You can tell just how important fragrance is in cosmetic products every time a scent awakens happy memories. Vanilla reminds us of cosy winter days, mint of refreshing spring mornings, cinnamon of warm moments on chilly autumn evenings.

Certain products in the Amanubi shop have an aromatherapeutic effect, and scent plays an important role in all products.

"Our skin protects us every day. That’s why it deserves the best care. Preferably with the power of nature."

Melanie, founder of Amanubi

Benefits for you

Have you been searching for cosmetics that are good for you, your skin, and the environment for what feels like forever? At Amanubi, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • The well-being of our planet’s animals is close to our hearts at Amanubi, so all our products are free of animal testing.
  • The products in the Amanubi shop harness the power of nature’s beauty treasures.
  • Each and every product is selected, thoroughly tested, and approved by Melanie
  • Amanubi maintains close, direct contact with manufacturers.

Amanubi maintains close and direct contact with the manufacturers.

Where I find beauty? Everywhere.


Natural beauty


No animal testing


Highly effective ingredients